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Created from an antique children's book by renowned author and children's illustrator, Mabel Lucie Attwell, this junk journal is an authentic, one of kind piece any book lover would enjoy adding to their collection.

Published sometime around 1913, it is one of Attwell's original Dolly Books for Valentines & Sons, titled Boo-Boo.

With movable arms, the cover and pages of this book were diecut in the iconic shape of Attwell's Boo Boo babies.  All of the original story pages are featured in this journal in consecutive order, the hard board cover has been reinforced for durability.  The arms feature the original brads used to secure them to the cover.  The title page of this book was torn and missing, I have replaced it with a photocopy of the original from my personal copy of this book.

Interspersed with the original story pages are a selection of pages created from other children's books, wallpaper, brown paper and scrapbook paper - all cut to the same dolly shape.  Plenty of beautiful images and plain space for writing.  All pages have been inked for that lovely distressed look, no other decorating has been done.

This is a stunning blank journal for you to fill to your taste, with plenty of room in the spine to add ephemera.

128 pages

Measures: Approx. 36cm tall x 11.5cm wide, with a 5cm spine.

I use 90% recycled, repurposed, or second hand materials in my journals and I would like to inspire you to fill the pages with creative thinking, make art outside the box...

Boo Boo Antique BookJunk Journal

  • 128 pages

    Measures: Approx. 36cm tall x 11.5cm wide, with a 5cm spine.


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