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Unnpinned Creative hand made hat

Unpinned Creative

The first word that comes to mind, whenever anyone is asked to describe me, is ‘CREATIVE’, the second might be ‘unhinged’.  After living a life constantly veering off the rails, and navigating many booby traps on the way, I decided to give up on conventionality, embrace life outside the box, and create a business that fits my personal values and passions.   

During my past 30-odd years of crafting, I frequently struggled to find exactly the supplies I needed in chain store craft retailers; I became more and more disillusioned and overwhelmed by the sheer volume and speed of the latest ‘must have’ craft trends.  It became harder and harder to find inspiration and joy in the aisles of what was, at one time, my favourite place in the world to be. 

Karen Mikoz

I began to feel sick from the thought of the waste consumerism creates and knew that I had to be a part of the solution.  More and more, my craft supplies became items that were pre-loved and sometimes destined for landfill.  More and more, I began to look to what I already had hidden in the bottom of drawers and the back of cupboards, and very quickly I realised I had a hidden treasure trove from which to create with, right here within the four walls of my house.  And I realised there must be similar treasure troves out there in the big wide world too. 

And there is, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to find just the thing you are looking for, and not everyone has that sort of time to spare these days, and so I knew I had to share the treasures I find with other creators!

Unpinned Creative was born.

Here you will find textiles and supplies that I have reclaimed from the world at large, for my fellow Creators to repurpose, recreate, to breathe new life into. You will also find my own creations available for purchase, slow fashion, clothing designed to tell a story, to reflect the lives of vibrant souls, to make one feel something.  And other bits and pieces that evolve from the depths of my craft room.

I am passionate about creating a concious, sustainable life; and about encouraging others to pursue their own passions and thoroughly make the most out of the creativity we were all born with.  You can create your life, a life you adore.

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