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Handmade Witch with broom standing by a green bush

Our Values

Authentic, Integrity, Respect, Conscious Choice, Adventure


To me, being authentic means to boldly live a life that feels good in every aspect.  It is dressing to please myself, not the commentators.  It is talking the talk AND walking the walk, that is, courageously standing up for what I believe to be true and right, out loud and in public without fear.  The brand promise of Unpinned Creative is ’Courageously honouring your vibrant truth’.  I want this to be a safe space for everyone to be who they really are, different and unique, living outside of the box, with respect and compassion for one’s self and the rest of the universe at large. I strive to be as open and honest in my business practice as I am in my personal life, to provide creative supplies, clothing and art that reflects sustainable living, independent ideas, and an excitement and joy for creation.


I strive to conduct my business with integrity and respect.  My products will be represented clearly and honestly to the very best of my ability.  I will provide clear and consistent communication with my customers, and inspect every product for quality and assurance purposes.


I am committed to being a respectful business owner and human being.  I respect the thoughts, feelings, needs and desires of my customers. I respect Mother Earth and the gifts she provides. I respect myself and my life experience.  Authentic and honest interaction is key to providing you, my customer, with the best experience possible here at Unpinned Creative.      

Conscious Choice

I believe we all have conscious choices to make in how we live on this planet in this lifetime.  I am passionate about ensuring the choices I make in my business and life are made consciously, aligned with my beliefs and values, and with respect for the choices of others and their beliefs and values. Conscious choice is forefront in all my products, using and supplying reclaimed textiles and craft supplies in everything I create.


Good or bad, every day is an adventure; and it is our duty as the creator of our own life to find excitement and inspiration on our journey.  I hope to offer my customers inspiration to embrace the adventure in their life, to be bold, courageous and joyful, to wear what makes you smile, to create for the fun of creating, to explore the beauty in the unknown… to start where you are, with what you have, doing what you can.

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