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'The bay bat screamed out in fright, 'Turn on the dark, I'm afraid of the light'. - Shel Silverstein

Handmade hardcover journal with embroidered velvet cover.

This beautiful gothic journal features the cutest puppies in the sky.
Approx. 32cm tall x 22cm wide with a 6cm spine
5 signatures
Approx. 140 eclectic, undecorated pages
Pockets on inside of front and back covers.
A vintage key and bat charm feature on the spine.

I use 90% recycled, repurposed, or second hand materials in my journals and I would like to inspire you to fill the pages with creative thinking, make art outside the box...

Vampire Bat themed Junk Journal

  • 32cm tall x 22cm wide with a 6cm spine

    Approx. 140 eclectic, unembellished pages, across 5 signatures

    Pockets on inside front and back covers

    Features an authentic vintage key, and bat charm, on spine

    Qty available: 1


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