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Handmade hardcover journal with wooden forest animal elements on the front and back cover. 
This beautiful winter wonderland themed junk journal features a denim and lace spine.

Approx. 29cm tall x 25cm wide with a 2cm spine
This journal has a single beautiful signature
Approx. 22 eclectic, minimally decorated pages, pockets and tags.
Many of the pockets and tucks hold gorgeous vintage writing papers.

The inside covers feature denim pockets and decorated tags.

I use 90% recycled, repurposed, or second hand materials in my journals and I would like to inspire you to fill the pages with creative thinking, make art outside the box...

Winter Wonderland Junk Journal

  • 29cm tall x 25cm wide with a 2cm spine

    Approx. 22 eclectic, minimally decorated pages, across 1 beautiful signature.

    Denim pockets on inside front and back covers

    Qty available: 1


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